Pricing - keen, transparent pricing, without compromising quality

Lifecycle Options Ltd. rewards people who book early.

It makes sense.

If we know a course is definitely going to run, well in advance, we can negotiate better rates for training venues.

And plan our own lives.



Each course is initially offered at a significant discount, equivalent to the RRP of the exam (£145). Currently, that price is £350 (+VAT).

Each course had a minimum number of attendees stated against it.

That's the number of seats on each course that can be had for this price, until the end of the introductory period, or until all these seats have been sold.

Once they're gone, they're gone.

If we sell that many seats in the introductory period, the course is guaranteed to run. 

However, unless the stated, required, number of people have signed up for the course by the end of this time, the course will not run.

Anyone who has bought a seat will get a full refund.


We call these seats CommunITy seats as a certain community of people are required to make it possible to offer these discounts.

You don't need to know or introduce the other people, there just needs to be a large enough group for the course to be viable.

In return for your commitment, effectively, you get your examination for free.

These seats still qualify for our free resit guarantee, but we can't afford to offer volume discounts or referral fees.

Once the course confirms, these seats are non-refundable.

At our discretion, they may be transferable to another course or we may allow a different person to attend.

In any event, no one ever pays for an exam they haven't sat, so the examination fees would be refunded, even if you had to pull out.



Any remaining seats still available at the end of the CommunITy period will be on sale at a higher price - with the exam fee added back in.

These seats are called SAVER seats.

The difference in price between a SAVER seat and a CommunITy seat is the price of the exam and, currently SAVER seats cost £495 (+VAT)

SAVER seats are transferable, but not refundable.

If you can't make the dates you've chosen you can transfer to another course.

If you switch to a CommunITy seat, we'll refund the difference.

If you do decide you really can't make the course, we'll refund the price of the exam (£145), as we haven't incurred it.

SAVER seats, like all our seats, qualify for a free resit.


One month before the start of the course, any remaining seats will be on offer at the higher price of £695 (+VAT).

This is somewhere around an industry-standard price for the ITIL® Foundation course.

They still qualify for a free resit and, of course, the courses are already guaranteed to run.

As these seats are priced around the industry-average, we think we're rewarding the early bookers, rather than penalizing the late ones.

Of course, the truth is, we don't really want any seats still to be left by this stage.

These seats are still good value, especially considering anyone booking at this stage knows the course is going to run, and has a safety net, in cas they fail the exam.


We offer discounts on tuition fees if you book more than one SAVER or FULLY FLEXIBLE seat.

Discounts are paid as cashback, so you will pay the full amount for multiple bookings if you pay on-line, but we will immediately refund the difference.


By the way, the accreditor recommends capping attendance at twenty-four students!

We think sixteen is more realistic and many of our venues' capacities limit the number of students further.

We reserve the right to increase capacity for a particular course if there is demand.


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